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10U (Squirt) Purple

Regular Season 2014-2015
2014-2015 x Regular Season

Recent Team #1 News

NCCYHA Alumnus Michael Meredith returned to Steele Hall

02/14/2022, 12:00pm EST
By NCCYHA Board of Directors

NCCYHA Alumnus Michael Meredith returned to Steele Hall on Saturday playing for SUNY Brockport. Michael is the son of Fredonia State Hockey Coach Jeff Meredith. After his NCCYHA career which lasted through his senior year of high school, Michael played Junior hockey before going to Brockport where he is a Sophomore.

NCCYHA Alumnus Michael Meredith

Rental return request from NCCYHA Board of Directors

09/15/2021, 9:30am EDT
By NCCYHA Board of Directors

With the sudden shut down in March 2020 and different restrictions of the past 18 months, the return of the Learn to Play hockey rental equipment was unable to occur. With restrictions lifted and a new season of Learn to Play upon us, we find ourselves with an equipment shortage. We’re requesting all members that rented equipment for the 2019-2020 season to now return it to the NCCYHA.

Equipment can be dropped off at Copy Boy Instant Printing, 13 W 3rd St, Dunkirk, NY, Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

If you are unable to drop the equipment off at this location, please contact a board member and we will make alternative arrangements

Lastly, if anyone has youth hockey equipment that is no longer in use, we would gratefully accept it to support our programming.


Thank you for your cooperation.

NCCYHA Board of Directors

Back to the ice!

08/31/2021, 11:30am EDT
By NCCYHA Board of Directors

The 2021-2022 season kicks off on September 11, 2021 @ 8:00 AM with 8U hitting the ice.

10U practice starts @ 9:15 AM, 12U @ 10:30 AM and 14U @ 11:45 AM.  Please arrive early to make sure the players are ready to get onto the ice when the Zamboni doors close.

If you are a new hockey parent or just need a refresher, check out the New Hockey Parents link at USA Hockey.

Reminder: ALL skaters must be registered with USA Hockey and NCCYHA to be allowed on the ice.

When getting equipment for the upcoming season we would prefer if you purchased navy blue for helmets and pants and navy blue or navy blue and white for gloves.  That being said, proper fitting equipment is much more important to the safety of the players than equipment color.

There is a Parents’ Guide to Buying Equipment on the USA hockey ADM website.

If you are buying equipment at Buffalo Sports, mention that you are with NCCYHA and you will receive a discount.

All players must wear neck guards and mouth guards.

Please have the players bring there own water bottles to practices and have them clearly marked.

We are still awaiting final guidelines from SUNY Fredonia but we anticipate the use of the locker rooms.  Your coaches will be in contact with any changes.

As of now, masks must be worn, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor spaces on campus.  They do not have to be worn on the ice.

Any questions or concerns, please contact your coaches or a member of the board.

Looking forward to a fantastic 2021-2022 season!